Our story

ProMlk was developed down in Devon, where all the milk is locally sourced from our dedicated team and delivered straight to our dairy in Devon. Our modern dairy is among the best in the dairy processing industry and is still privately owned, so with us, it’s personal.  We’re not a huge corporate company, we care about our product and what goes into it, to ensure you receive the best out of it.  

The Pro’s in ProMlk doesn’t stop there! We’re Pro Planet too. We use cartons that are fully recyclable so you can enjoy; then rinse, crush and recycle knowing that our product can easily be made into a new product, for you to love and enjoy.

Made using red tractor certified milk

ProMlk is Ted Tractor Certified! This means that the milk we use is responsibly sourced and processed helping you to be PRO-you!


View our Pro Mlk Protein Shakes

Pro Mlk shakes

Pro Mlk not only comes in a variety of three delicious flavours, but our protein enriched milk is packed with 20g of protein per serving. Protein is known to contribute to the growth & maintenance of muscle mass, so perfect for an active individual, whether it’s walking, gymming, swimming, climbing – the list is endless! Pro Mlk is also here for anyone who is looking for a more filling snack, or is busy and on the go and would like a more nutritious option. 

Starting at 168 calories per serving Pro Mlk makes an ideal snack, workout fuel, breakfast or a tasty alternative option to your regular choice of milk. However you choose to use Pro Mlk, it’s PRO-you!