Pro Mlk Protein Enriched Milkhakes

Boost your day with our PROtein shakes.

A range of protein shakes made from delicious Devonshire milk and packed with at least 20g of protein per carton. There’s a lot of PRO’s to discover with ProMlk.

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Pro Mlk Flavours


Available in 330ml & a 1litre take home option make the most of our scrumptious Strawberry flavoured protein shake that is fat free and contains no added sugar.


Available in 330ml & a 1litre take home option, our Chocolate Protein Shake has stacks of protein, has no added sugar, fat free and is made with British milk. A filling snack, or a fantastic way to fuel your day.

Salted Caramel

Available in 330ml, Salted Caramel is the perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness which will help sweeten your day whilst giving you a fat free protein boost. 

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